Illegal Corners: Selling Goods
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  • Modern & Cool UI
    ○ Illegal Corners has an extremely modern and comfortable UI design.
  • Animations & Actions
    ○ Illegal Corners has an extremely realistic and cool animations.
    ○ Illegal Corners has total 3 action:
  • Corners
    ○ If you go to a corner set in the script and type the default command (/takecorner) you will start selling.
    ○ You can easily configure which items players will sell in which corner from the shared/cfg.lua.
    ○ Here are the configurations you can set for each corner:
    Corner Name
    Corner Position (coords)
    Corner Items (item, label, minimum &maximum per price, minimum & maximum quantity)
    Illegal Corners Documentation 10
  • Framework
    ○ Support ESX and QBCore all versions.
    ○ You can use this resource it as standalone.
    ○ You can easily convert this resource to other frameworks. You need just edit some files for server/player functions (server/framework.lua).
  • Synchronization & Chances & Emoji’s & Dispatch
    ○ All actions synchorenized with all players. Every player will see same things.
    The amount of items an npc will buy and the amount of money that npc will pay are the same for all players.
    If a player annoys an NPC, that NPC will not receive an item from any player for a specified cooldown.
    If a player sells an item to an npc, that npc will not receive an item from any player for a specified cooldown.
    ○ Here are the actions you can configure their chances:
    Whether an npc will want to buy any items.
    Whether an npc will get angry.
    Whether an npc will call the police.
    You can change the chances of all these actions.
    ○ You can change the emoji that appears on top of NPCs after actions to png/jpeg from config file.
    ○ By default police notifications come inside. You can replace it with your own police notifications script from editable files.
    ○ You can see how many things you can change in the configuration file in the photo below.
  • Optimization & Files
    ○ This resource is running at idle with 0.00 ms.
    ○ This resource is using Asset Escrow System by FiveM.
    ○ Some of the files are open for notifications and many editable things. (utils.lua & server.lua)
    ○ Discord logs are included. A log is kept when every player sell any item.

Config & Language