Decal V: Graffiti & Vehicle Sticker
35.00 EUR




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  • Modern & Cool UI
    ○ Decal V has an extremely modern and comfortable UI design.
    ○ Being draggable on the screen gives you a lot of convenience while in decal editor mode.
  • Graffiti & Vehicle Sticker & Options
    ○ You can add a decal to any wall or surface you want.
    ○ You can add stickers to any vehicle you want.
    ○ You can edit those for all decals:
    Size X
    Size Y
    Mirror (for vehicles)
  • Framework
    ○ Support ESX and QBCore all versions. (/with usable item)
    ○ You can use this resource it as standalone. (/with command)
    ○ You can easily convert this resource to other frameworks. You need just edit some files for server/player functions (server/framework.lua).
  • Synchronization & Items & Specific Job
    ○ All graffitis and vehicle stickers synchorenized with all players. Every player will see same things.
    ○ Decal V has total 3 item: Spray Item, Clear Graffiti Item and Clear Sticker Item.
    Spray Item: Opens the menu with all the decals. (basic label: Paint Spray)
    Clear Graffiti Item: If you are near any graffiti, you can delete it with this item. (basic label: White Spray)
    Clear Sticker Item: If you are near any vehicle (this vehicle must belong to you.), you can delete stickers with this item. (basic label: Scraper)
    ○ You can set custom job for each sticker included in the config. If the job is not set, the sticker will be available to everyone.
  • Optimization & Files
    ○ This resource is running at idle with 0.00 ms.
    ○ This resource is using Asset Escrow System by FiveM.
    ○ Some of the files are open for notifications and many editable things. (utils.lua & server.lua)
    ○ Discord logs are included. A log is kept when every player creates or remove any decal.
  • Custom Decal
    ○ You can add new decal with direct URL.
    ○ You can add new decal with custom YTD file. You need create new YTD file on Open IV. After you need just import your textures to this ytd file. Do not forget select DXT5.
    Decal V Documentation
  • Find New Decals
    ○ A package containing an average of 500 special decals will be delivered to you if you contact them after purchase. You can add whatever you want to the script.

Config & Language

P.S.1 Color option only changes the hue for some stickers, not the entire color.
P.S.2 If you adding custom decal with URL, your decal background will be not transparent.
P.S.3 You cannot add more than 320 decals to the configuration.
P.S.4 You cannot add more than 50 custom url decals to the configuration.
P.S.1 & P.S.2 & P.S.3 & P.S.4 are because of the GTA V.