Hacker V: Become Hacker
35.00 EUR



  • Target Mode
    ○ If you look at a player, npc or vehicle using a keyboard key (default Z, changeable), you will see the following information:
    ○ Person mugshot, full-name, job, gender, date of birth, bank account detail.
    ○ Vehicle model, plate, class, door lock status.
    ○ If you look at a hackable object, you will see interaction screen.
  • Player/NPC Interactions
    ○ Steal cash. You can steal cash from the bank account of your target person.
    ○ Fake dispatch. You can enter a fake dispatch into police systems for your target person.
    ○ Track location. You can track your target person from your GPS for a certain period of time.
  • Vehicle Interactions
    ○ Control vehicle. You can control any vehicle with driver.
    ○ Unlock vehicle. You can unlock the vehicle doors.
    ○ Crash vehicle. You can crash the vehicle and make it unusable.
    ○ Track location. You can track your target vehicle from your GPS for a certain period of time.
  • Object Interactions
    ○ ATMs: You can steal money from any atm.
    ○ Parkmeters: You can steal money from any parkmeter.
    ○ Traffic Lights: You can control any traffic lights.
    ○ TVs: You can hack any tv and put your image/video.
    ○ Computers: You can hack the any computer and get botnet. Botnet’s is required for other interactions and you need to collect these botnets from computers.
  • Radar Panel
    ○ You can see current botnet count and some things in this panel.
    ○ You can easily change the screen position of the panel.
  • Minigame
    ○ Minigame consists of random numbers and letters from the alphabet.
    ○ Minigame can be solved with the order of letters in the alphabet and numbers.
    ○ You can set the minigame for each interaction.
  • Framework
    ○ Support ESX and QBCore all versions. (/with usable item)
    ○ You can use this resource it as standalone. (/with command)
    ○ You can easily convert this resource to other frameworks. You need just edit some files for server/player functions.
  • Synchronization & Cooldown & Botnet
    ○ Hacked objects like traffic lights and televisions look the same for every players.
    ○ Every objects such as atm, parkmeter and computer can be hacked once at every server start. So only one person can successfully hack these objects. When other people look at these objects, they see the text “Already hacked”.
    ○ You can set player cooldown for each interaction. (Example: Every player can steal money from ATMs every half hour.)
    ○ You can set required botnet count for each interaction. (Example: Player needs 5 botnet to steal money from the ATMs.)
  • Optimization & Files
    ○ This resource is running at idle with 0.00 ms.
    ○ This resource is using Asset Escrow System by FiveM.
    ○ Some of the files are open for notifications and many editable things. (utils.lua & server.lua)
    ○ Discord logs are included. A log is kept when every player starts any hacking.
  • Custom Hack
    ○ You can make the necessary settings from the editable files in script to hack the object you want. Check out this page.
    Hacker V Documentation
  • Future Updates
    ○ New hack interactions will be added based on customers’ requests and suggestions.
    ○ Customers can share their custom hacks with each other.

Config & Language

P.S.1 You can contact me for discount codes and script supports.
P.S.2 The cinematic at the end of the preview video is not included in the script.