[QB] Fleeca Heist
15.00 EUR


Fivem Fleeca Heist


  • Start the heist with your friends on the bank with shooting. 
  • The bank clerk will open the vault door. 
  • Loot the vault inside and exit the bank. 
  • Deliver the loot to the buyer and finish heist.


  • QBCore.
  • Game build must be 2189 or higher.


  • Detailed and easy config. (Change required and reward items, price, heist cooldown, all coords etc.)
  • All fleeca banks included.
  • Per bank have private cooldown.
  • Including police alert.
  • Can do this heist with your friends. (They must be with you when starting the heist.)
  • All heist sync with heist friends. (If previous feature.)
  • Onesync/Onesync Infinity support. (I tested on gamebuild 2189 and Onesync infinity.)
  • No ip-locked and no obfuscated.
  • Full optimized. 0.01 ms at idle. Screenshot