[ESX] Graffiti War
15.00 EUR


Fivem Graffiti War


  • Admins or superadmins can use /graffitiwar start/finish commands.
  • Just who started the war admin and gangs, can see the scoreboard and timer when started war.
  • Spraying each wall earns +1 point. if the wall is already sprayed, -1 point for the previously sprayed gang and +1 point for the newly sprayed gang.
  • Gang with the most points at the end of the war time wins the war.
  • All gangs see the name of the winning gang in big text on their screen.
  • After the war, name of the winning gang is written on all the walls. (If there is no draw)


  • ESX (player, jobs, notification, usable item)


  • Detailed and easy config. (Change everything. (text font, scale, color etc) Add new gang, add new wall, change script language.)
  • No ip-locked and no obfuscated.
  • Sync between all clients.
  • Full optimized. 0.01 ms at idle.
  • +100 empty and graffiti walls added. (You can add new walls)